June 12, 2012

• PROJECTS • Burlap Wreath, Design #1

     Wreaths made from strips of burlap can be seen all over blogland and Pinterest.

With all the burlap that DH brought home for me (you can read more here), 

I decided the best way to get rid of some of it was to finally break down and make a wreath.

They are really easy to make
really time consuming!!

Cut your burlap in to strips about 1 inch wide and 12 inches long.

 Please don't ask me how many strips I cut all, I know is it took me about 6 hours to cut them all.
I used a Christmas wreath that I was no longer going to use and after cutting all those strips all I wanted to do was get this wreath finished!!!

Take all your strips and begin to tie them onto the wreath; making it as full as you can.
Once finished it should be full and fluffy.
After all the strips are tied on; go through with scissors and cut strips to approximately the same length.

June 4, 2012

• READING NOOK • Book Recommendation

Three of my followers have been so gracious to recommend books for your reading pleasure.

**The first is Terry (who is closing down her blog These Peas Taste Funny) @ WRITE. CREATE. CONNECT. recommended the following book, and let me just say from what I have read this book is right up my alley. I have it on my Christmas list and I honestly do not know if I am going to be able to hold off until then.

In medieval Cambridge, four children have been murdered. The Catholic townsfolk blame their Jewish neighbors, so to save them from the rioting mob, the Cambridge Jews are placed under the protection of the king. King Henry II is no friend of the Jews-or anyone, really-but he believes in law and order, and he desperately needs the taxes he receives from Jewish merchants. Hoping scientific investigation will catch the true killer, Henry calls on his cousin, the King of Sicily-whose subjects include the best medical experts in Europe-and asks for his finest "master of the art of death," the earliest form of medical examiner. The Italian doctor chosen for the task is a young prodigy from the University of Salerno, an expert in the science of anatomy and the art of detection. But her name is Adelia; the king has been sent a "mistress of the art of death."
In a backward and superstitious country like England, Adelia faces danger at every turn. As she examines the victims and retraces their last steps, Adelia must conceal her true identity in order to avoid accusations of witchcraft. Along the way, she's assisted by one of the king's tax collectors, Sir Rowley Picot, a man with a personal stake in the investigation. A former Crusader knight, Rowley may be a needed friend ... or the fiend for whom they are searching. As Adelia's investigation takes her along Cambridge's shadowy river paths, and behind the closed doors of its churches and nunneries, the hunt intensifies and the killer prepares to strike again...
Doesn't this sound like a great book and apparently this is part of a series. OH BOY! I am in love and I haven't even read it yet. THANK YOU TERRY!

**The next book recommendation is from Maggie @ LITTLE MISS MAGGIE. This is just the cutest book and what she created from it is......well..........just BEAUTIFUL.


Here is what Maggie says about the book.
The book was authored by Anna Corba and it retails at 16.95.  Worth every penny for the amount of inspiration she offers.Anna includes beautiful French graphics and typography.She offers a sketch page and then a scrap booking style format on the opposite page.I have spent a lot of time studying and enjoying this book. Her sketches are so easy to follow.  Even a child could do it (or an inner child if you are an adult like myself.)I hope you have found this book as inspiring as I have. 
 Head on over to Maggie's blog @ LITTLE MISS MAGGIE to see what she created with this book.
 I really want to create something beautiful like she did; BUT for know I will just drool, ooh and aaahh over what she created. THANK YOU MAGGIE!

**Our final recommendation is from Sonny @ 155 DREAM LANE. You want to know the funny thing about the book(s) she suggested? This author has been writing these books for years, and although I LOVE a great who-done-it, I have NEVER, yes you read that right NEVER read one of her books!! I have no idea why either. I guess I better get on the ball and start reading them, huh?

Here is just a sampling of what Sonny has to say:
I get so into these stories I actually considered taking a Private Investigator course, ROLF..  Yes I dream of being a super slouth out and about gathering clues, information, just making a pest of myself in general and then, against all odds I SOLVE the case , take a deep breath of satisfied contentment, collect me fee and on to the next one..
Here is an excerpt from the first in the series:
My name is Kinsey Millhone. I’m a private investigator, licensed by the state of California. I’m thirty-two years old, twice divorced, no kids. The day before yesterday I killed someone and the fact weighs heavily on my mind . . .’ When Laurence Fife was murdered, few cared. A slick divorce attorney with a reputation for ruthlessness, Fife was also rumoured to be a slippery ladies’ man. Plenty of people in the picturesque Southern California town of Santa Teresa had reason to want him dead. Including, thought the cops, his young and beautiful wife, Nikki. With motive, access and opportunity, Nikki was their number one suspect. The Jury thought so too. Eight years later and out on parole, Nikki Fife hires Kinsey Millhone to find out who really killed her husband. But the trail has gone cold and there is a chilling twist even Kinsey didn’t expect . . . 
Head on over to see what else SONNY @ 155 DREAM LANE has to say about this great series. I have added these books to my Christmas list and I will definitely be downloading these on to my touchpad! THANK YOU SONNY!

So there ya have it. All the recommendations for this months RDR. I hope you have discovered some books you are interested in. PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO STOP BY:


June 3, 2012

• READING NOOK • What I've Read, 6

Hey everyone!
I have been thinking! OK......now stop........the smoke you smell is not coming from me thinking...............SHEESH!

With everyone's hectic schedule, I have decided to make some changes to my Rainy Day Reading.

First, I will only be posting 1 or 2 books, instead of the usual 3 to 4. Not that I don't have enough books for many more post, but a change is needed.

Second, Rainy Day Reading will be posted the FIRST FRIDAY of every month (starting in July). This way it is posted for the weekend when most people enjoy some down time.

So there are the changes. I really do hope that those I contact will be willing to participate. It will be gratefully appreciated.

Now on to the book suggestions:

1. I'm sure many may have already read this book, but I enjoyed it, and if any haven't here is your chance. THE HELP

Click here to read description:  http://www.amazon.com/The-Help-Kathryn-Stockett/dp/0399155341 

2. Now here comes one by Stephen King. This is on audio so you can listen to it where ever you are. THE GINGERBREAD GIRL

Click here to read discription:  http://www.amazon.com/The-Gingerbread-Girl-Stephen- King/dp/0743571185