December 31, 2013

• BLOG • Most Viewed 2013

I'ts hard to believe today is the last day of 2013. This year has gone by so fast, don't you think? 
      And in honor of the last day, a review of the top 5 posts!

Are you ready?
Good, here we go . . .

 The #5 position goes to my recipe for  Grilled Chicken Bacon Alfredo

#4 was my post on how to Build a Bench on a Budget

#3 was my Holiday Edition of Four I Adore

Coming in at #2 was my post on What To Do With....Ugly Shower Rods

and drum roll please . . . .

The most viewed post of 2013 was . . .


If you are heading out to celebrate the New Year tonight, be safe and have a wonderful time...
Enjoy! Thank you for visiting, Tina
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December 9, 2013

• HOUSE & HOME • Christmas Around My House

Hello everyone!  Hope this finds everyone doing well?!

Unlike last year' where my Christmas spirit flew out the door . . .This year I have that holiday feeling . . .no I'm not going to sing..............I promise.

But something did change last year though and it has carried on to this year. 
You see last year when I was possessed by the GRINCH!! I went through all my decor and got rid of A LOT! 
Which is why my title has a Lil'Bit in it. You will also notice that only a few rooms in the house are decorated, the bedrooms and bath well I was not sure how I wanted to decorate, so rather than be miserable with what I put in there I chose not to decorate at all!

Our first look will be the decor for the front door. Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been all that great here so I moved it inside to take the picture.

Now once you're in the foyer, this is what you see . . .

the kissing ball hangs directly in the middle of the foyer!!

The plaid pillow cover was made out of a really big tablecloth that I found at the Christmas Tree Shoppe. I used it to make two other pillow covers and the rest of the tableclothe is in the dining room.

DH and I are slowly working on the kitchen so there is no decor in there yet. So on to the dining room.

Here is the rest of the tablecloth, hanging over the ladder DH made for me about a year ago.

The above wood basket is on the dining table.

Now we venture into the family room . . .

I was going to display my nativity in the birdcage, HOWEVER, I couldn't find it! So, I placed this little church and the tree in it.

Back 9 years ago, I ordered personalized stockings for everyone in the family....not really thinking that in the future we would have more members to the family! Unfortunately, I can't remember where I ordered them from! SO, the stockings don't match and I just don't have the time to make any. 

Sorry for the glare.....

Oh, Christmas Tree . . . 

Isn't this the CUTEST tree stand?!?
I bought this at the Christmas Tree Shoppe, also!! I LOVE IT!!

The tree topper this year is a sled surrounded by berries, and feathers.

I used burlap ribbon, that I knotted about every 12 inches...

and a twig/grapevine garland.
Some of you may remember the story behind the heart-shaped ornament (pictured above and close-up below) If you click the link below the following picture, the short story is tucked within the post...

Well, there you have it. My lil' bit of Christmas. 

Enjoy! Thank you for visiting, Tina

November 24, 2013

•PROJECTS • Army Feild Desk from Blah to Wow....

This furniture transformation was actually one of my very first posts, and it has since disappeared, so I have decided to redo the post. Hope you enjoy it.

I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that have never seen an Army Field Desk. Some may have actually seen them in war movies but never really paid attention to them.
Well, here is a look-see...
they are nothing spectacular, but they are very useful and rather compact.
You have drawers for eveything
and files, to name a few things.
You also have a flat surface to write on (which is removable)

And when you have to pick up and move...

it folds right up
even has handles on the sides for ease of transport!

Are you wondering where I got this from?
A friend that DH knows from work; well him and his wife own a second hand store. This was in some stuff they received, she had no idea what to do with it or if anyone would by it . . .
they gave it to DH thinking I would be able to do something with it. 
And this is what I did.

I took it apart,
lightly sanded it,
spray painted all the metal areas with oil-rubbed bronze.

I painted the inside of the drawers a tan, 

painted the rest black,

then added faux leather to the top and sides.

We left the original metal u-shaped leg on the desk area, we just folded it up and secured it. DH added wood legs and a support bar to it, then added wood legs to the drawer section.
(sorry for the blurry image but this is the only one I have)


As of now, the drawer area is being used as storage in my grandsons room.

Once I have my office space back I will use it again. 

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 You may find me joining in the fun here . . . 
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October 10, 2013

• NORTH CAROLINA • The Story of the Southport Pickle Fork

This my friends is a Southport Pickle Fork!

Southport NC is located at the mouth of the Cape Fear River and the Intracoastal Waterway. 
The town is quaint, picturesque, and has lots of history to go along with it. 
DHs father, sister and her husband live on the outskirts of Southport city limits. We have been there several times but it wasn't until last year that DH and I had the time to wander around downtown. 

While visiting the many antique and specialty stores that dot the downtown . . .
I came across these pickle forks.
Aren't they just too cute? And none are exactly alike. 

The creation of these forks started about 25 or so years ago. When a shop owner with time on his hands and an abundance of odd sterling silver forks, started bending until this design was born.

These forks are pretty, unusual and are great for those pickle and/or olive lovers you may know.
BUT . . .
The one catch is . . .
You can only purchase them in Southport!
The price for these adorable and conversation starting forks?
About $10.00 & in most shops they come in a box and a tag with how they came to be.

   So, if you ever get the chance to stop by Southport, NC . . .
don't forget to pick up a pickle fork or two!!

September 15, 2013

• HOUSE & HOME • Home Tour Pt.1

As I was setting up the home tour tabs in my menu bar it dawned on me that I don't
think I have ever posted a Home Tour on here or on my other blog Our Home in the Maples.

Do you find this kind of odd?

I can honestly say the main reason I haven't . . . is our home is constantly in a trasitional stage. You see, no sooner do I get close to finish a room, something just doesn't look right to me . . . 
so I start changing things again!

You will also notice some of the images have the watermark from my old blog, Our Home in the Maples.
So, I will give you a tour with what I have from when we first moved in, to about a year ago. If I stop changing my mind, hopefully the new reveals will be coming over the next several months; so bear with me, ok. 

This house was actually built for someone else but the deal fell through. In fact, it happened the evening before I looked at it; the realtor hadn't gotten the chance to update the MLS information before I went through.
 Although there were I few things I wanted to change . . .
as soon as I walked in the door
I knew it was our HOME.

Here is the exterior, before we closed:

After some TLC

This summer we had to make a few changes, pull out some bushes and replace them. Plus it looks like
next year we may have to remove the maples trees, they look like they are getting that fungus, if we can't
get it under control . . . bye bye trees.

Ok . . . lets start the tour of the inside, we will start with the first floor but only a few rooms. Since the house is still a work in progress many of the photos are from before I started changing things. So bear with me, ok.

Although the foyer had hard wood floors, it was looking worn
(after 5 years,3 dogs and people running in and out), when we replaced all the carpet in
the house we also replaced the flooring in here.

the new flooring in the family room . . . and my bella, she was not quit a year old yet.

the dinig room light was replaced with the one out of the breakfast area; it isn't exactly what
i want but it works better than this one.

Now many people who have seen my kitchen like the way the sink is . . .
Do you see the cabinet above the sink? WELL . . . because of the position of the sink the
cabinet on the far right is nearly impossible to reach anything on the top shelf without either standing
on a step ladder or climbing on the counter. Could someone explain who thought this was a good idea.

Earlier I talked about the bar by the back door. After complaining about this area for a year, I finally asked DH to put shelves up, since at that time I was using the breakfast area as a make shift office. We are actually in the process of removing the bar, counter and repositioning the sink.

 Many of you may not recognize or know what the desk is . . .
it is actually an army field desk that I refurbished to use as my office desk.

So that covers part of the first floor.
 Now remember these are from a  year to 18 months ago, so there have been slow . . . very slow changes happening.

I really do hope you enjoyed the mini tour . . . stay tuned for part 2

I was featured at "One More Time Events"
Thank you so much Tammy!!