October 10, 2013

• NORTH CAROLINA • The Story of the Southport Pickle Fork

This my friends is a Southport Pickle Fork!

Southport NC is located at the mouth of the Cape Fear River and the Intracoastal Waterway. 
The town is quaint, picturesque, and has lots of history to go along with it. 
DHs father, sister and her husband live on the outskirts of Southport city limits. We have been there several times but it wasn't until last year that DH and I had the time to wander around downtown. 

While visiting the many antique and specialty stores that dot the downtown . . .
I came across these pickle forks.
Aren't they just too cute? And none are exactly alike. 

The creation of these forks started about 25 or so years ago. When a shop owner with time on his hands and an abundance of odd sterling silver forks, started bending until this design was born.

These forks are pretty, unusual and are great for those pickle and/or olive lovers you may know.
BUT . . .
The one catch is . . .
You can only purchase them in Southport!
The price for these adorable and conversation starting forks?
About $10.00 & in most shops they come in a box and a tag with how they came to be.

   So, if you ever get the chance to stop by Southport, NC . . .
don't forget to pick up a pickle fork or two!!