September 21, 2015

• HOUSE & HOME • The Kitchen Reveal

Finally the kitchen makeover that started in December of 2013 (about a week after Christmas) is being revealed. This is far from being a large kitchen, so there wasn't a lot of demo involved; the fact of the matter is...
sometimes DH and I (me more than him) move like pond water!!
And after stating that I was going to reveal it about this time in 2014, I felt really bad for not posting, but I kept tweaking and tweaking and just couldn't stop! Finally I just walked away...

Hope you enjoy the befores and afters:

This is what it looked like until 2013...
BEFORE: corner sink which made one of the cabinets rather difficult to reach or store anything on the middle and top shelf. A bar that couldn't be utilized for eating... if someone was sitting there eating they would have to get up so the back door could be opened.

AFTER...about the same amount of counter space BUT we are able to utilize the cabinet, I can reach everything and no one will block the back door. We removed the tile backsplash and replaced it with beadboard. Replaced the counter tops and purchased a new dishwasher. The chalkboard/message area was also removed.

BEFORE: On the other side of the kitchen is where the stove, frige and a long deep cabinet are.

We decided not to remove the pantry cabinet, instead we are going to install pull out shelves to make things in the back easier to access. We bought a new stove and microwave, removed the doors on the cabinet above the stove so I could store my cookbooks up there.

BEFORE: For a while the breakfast nook area was used as a temporary office space for me. We turned the back side of the bar into shelves for some of my many books. You will also see the wood floors that were in here...they were pulled up and replaced with tile. (you can read about the ARMY FIELD DESK here)

 It is now used as an eating area (mainly by me in the mornings), folding area for laundry, and every now and then... a catch-all for everyones crap!! (double doors to right is the LAUNDRY CLOSET read here) the make-shift sideboard is actually an entertainment center that was given to us.

Looking from the breakfast area.

Looking from the foyer & living room.

A few more images...
a place for dish towels and cutting boards

The jars above the frige hold peppermint candies and cookie cutters.

You can see this basket hanging at the end of the counter to catch the mail.

There it is... our finished kitchen.

*wall paint - olympic one (Lowes) - special mix/satin - $25.97gal
*sink cabinet - (Lowes) - $123.70
*cabinet paint - Rust-Oleum Cabinet transformations (Lowes) - $75.05
*microwave -  Bosch (aafes furniture store) - $299.99
*stove - Samsung flex duo 5 burner stove/oven (aafes furniture store) - $1329.00
*dishwasher - Samsung (aafes furniture store) - $699.99
*flooring - Stainmaster peel & stick groutable tile - color: Crushed Shell + supplies (Lowes) -            $215.00
*decor items - $150.00 (free, purchased or shopped the house*)
*TOTAL - $2,917.71

Hope you enjoyed the reveal!

March 21, 2015


  Well the weather here in my neck of the woods has been bouncing between the mid-50's to a few days in the 80's. But on this second day of's kind of dreary and cool, although my weather app says the skies are clear....umm right! It's kind of hard to get out there and tackle the weeds that are invading our yard and garden, (I will spare you the frightening image of this invasion).
Although it may not be the best weather to work around the yard; I can still fill my time getting inspiration and ideas for our backyard living space, so I and y'all will be on inspiration overload once the sky clears.

Are you ready for some inspiration/ideas?

Look at all the color...via
Isn;t this just the cutest ladder?...via

Oh to curl up here with a book or to nap....via

Don't have room for a big garden or maybe you just don't want a big veggie garden...then how about this compact garden...via

Don't forget about our feathered friends...via

Who can resist sitting in a bright red rocking chair...via

These pillows make me smile...via
Nothing better than food cooked on the grill...via

How about a little industrial inspiration and they are mobile...via

Nothing says "Welcome to our Home" better than these images:

Oh the colors....oh to have a front porch like this...via

I just love Yvonnes blog, don't you...via

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of inspiration!!

February 20, 2015


  With the cold winds a-blowin' outside...
it means more time staying in the house where it's all warm & cozy!

And that means more time to peruse Pinterest :)

This is what I've been crushin' on...

This kitchen just makes me think of spring!! via

Laundry Room
Loving the sign that Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick  has in her laundry room.

Living/Family Room
Love this blog via

Dining Room
Another room that screams come on spring/summer.  via

A Place to Read
A wonderful place to curl up with a good book on a cold wintery day.   via

and last but not least...

Dreaming of this

Hope these fill your day with tons of inspiration!

February 15, 2015

• HOUSE & HOME • Easy + Inexpensive Box Spring Cover

  You know there are several different ways to cover/coordinate your box spring with your bedroom decor, when you do not or cannot use a bed skirt.

You could sew,
use velcro,
hot glue,
a staple gun,
and I'm sure there are more.

 there is one tried and true way that I have been using for 15 years now.
In fact...I started doing this about the time that we welcomed Sheeba  (she passed away 3 years ago) into our home. Bedskirts are not a good idea when you have a kitten in your home...ya know this?

 It's so easy and inexpensive that you can change your the cover every month, week, or day.

I honestly have no idea why I've never posted it before but I figured what the hell I'll just post it. If someone else out there has had the same idea...well...great minds think alike, HAHA!

This easy change?

My grandson switched rooms...his room is a work in progress, this is his queen bed.

A fitted sheet!

Bella refused to she was my model...haha!
No tools are needed.
You can pick up just fitted sheets at many stores.

(They are also good for protecting your box spring when you keeps it clean, and if the sheet gets dirty it can be washed.)

I told you it was easy!!

February 2, 2015

•PROJECTS • Crochet, A Rediscovered Love

Over a year ago,
I was perusing Pinterest when I came across these beautiful crocheted throws.




It has been over 30 years since I picked up a crochet hook. I immediately decided that I was going to start crocheting again.
But would I remember how?
So, I hopped on google and began to search. Just imagine how pleased I was to find an abundance of youtube videos to help me out.

I then set out to see if I still had my very first crochet hook...
can you beleive...
after all these years I still had it.
With hook in hand (not literally) I set out on my quest for yarn, more hooks and ideas!

My first project was a blanket for Michael. Yeah, the over 6ft tall youngest son...
was that an undertaking...
it took me a year to finish it.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take any pictures before he gave me a kiss, thanked me, and wrapped himself in it. I thought I would have time before he went back to school...

I did have several other afghans that I was working and reworking during the past year.
I couldn't find the stitch that I loved well enough to finish one project.
this past November 2014,
when I found this adorable little stitch.

I knew it was the stitch to use for the family room afghan. I went out bought some white yarn and got to work. It took me a month working 2 to 3 days a week for 2 hours a day.

Isn't it just adorable?
Plus, it's so soft and warm!

There is one part of this afghan that I didn't work on. So, let me give a big shout out to Mr. HSH, for making the pom poms!!!

You see the making of pom poms & tassels eludes me. No matter how many times I have tried they always come out looking like...hell!
So, from this point on Mr.HSH is my official pom pom/tassle maker, YAY!

Have you rediscovered somthing you've been away from years?

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