January 12, 2016

• LIFE • One Small Step at a Time

So, did you make a resolution to become more organized for 2016?  I'm sure many of you have. Some may find in a couple months that the zest for becoming super organized has fizzled. The main reason for this is many do not adapt organizing tips and tricks to there life style.

So, as you pin all those cool organizing tips...

remember to take the time to adapt them to your life style and remember to take your time. Rome was  not built in a day...ya know?

Am I a super organized person? Oh don't make me laugh! I grew up with a mom that is a naturally super organized person. I on the other hand perfected my own type of organization...which is 1/4 of my moms!

I do have her and my fathers gene for paper lists. I have tried all the apps, but it just isn't the same as writing it down. No, I'm not poo pooing on apps; I actually have one I use for shopping...not big shopping...but run to the grocery store, hobby lobby or Lowes small kind of shopping. If I have a lot of things to buy...

I write it down!

I took this before I finished filling it out.

I have notebooks, planners and a calendar in the house.

I use a pencil, it makes it easier if I have to change something.

Notebooks are used for jotting down ideas, etc.

The planner is used for everything from chores, meals, appointments, etc.

The calendar, that hangs on the side of frige by the door, is used as a quick reference for work schedules and appointments.


At least twice a year (January & July) I go through drawers, closets, boxes and so forth to rid the house of things we no longer use or like anymore (we accumulate a lot of crap in that short time frame).

But drawers are my nemesis!

Ya know, drawers come in handy when you want to hide things, especially when you need to do a quick pick up and hide when unexpected company calls you and say the are 5 minutes away.

I know you think I've lost it calling drawers a nemesis.

I hope this didn't scare you! Sorry!
 I will show you how I go about doing this.

First gather your supplies:

*several plastic bags

*2 garbage bags

*shoe boxes or any boxes about shoe box size (if you don't have any you can use more grocery bags)

*damp rag and a dry rag

Next your going to choose a room to begin. I start with my main living areas (kitchen, dining, family room). If you start with the kitchen, do all the drawers before moving to other areas!

*Remember: DO NOT move to another area until you're completely finished with the first.

Then you will set up a work space where have enough room to spread everything out...I use my dining room table.

I love using brown paper bags when I organize.
I get them when I go to the commissary to do my grocery shopping

Label each bag and/or the boxes:
Take to: then label which room it will go to, i.e. child's room.

Grab a drawer, take it to your work area and dump it! (not literally)

Vacuum the drawer, wipe with damp cloth, then dry and set aside.

Then start sorting.

When finished, place everything that is going to stay in that area back.

Hopefully when you are finished you will have a few empty drawers...

I have found that after I finish drawers, if I take the small garbage bags and dump it in the larger garbage bag. Now move from one area to another; I know you can't dump your cabinets (use the counter top) or closets (use the floor or a piece of furniture near by); until that particular room is finished.

Take your time...
that way you don't over look, or keep anything that you don't need/want.

Hope this help you with your organization!

(part 3 coming soon)

January 10, 2016

• LIFE • One Simple Way to Set & Achieve Them

Can you believe that we are already 11 days into 2016? I can't! I am still trying to figure out where in the hell 2015 went. How many of you started the New Year off with a list of resolutions? Not me...
Many make resolutions and then feel so guilty when they cannot keep them. Do you know why? Well the definition explains why...

Resolution: (1) a firm decision to do or not to do something (synonyms-promise, commitment, plan, pledge)(2) the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter

So, when you look at the definition and the synonyms it makes it clear why so many feel bad when they fail. Which is a really rotten way to feel the rest of the year. So instead of making resolutions...

Why not set small goals?

I believe I mentioned this idea before (but I couldn't find it). Here is a goal that a friend does every year. She picks a vegetable that she doesn't like, she finds different recipes, and once a week she serves them. When she finds a recipe(s) she likes she incorporates them into her menu plan. She has been using this goal for 10 years now. She has incorporated about 3/4 of the vegetables she's tried into her diet.

I have actually tried this and it is a great way to introduce new food, or pretty much anything into your life. You could even use this to remove something from your life...

Example: Those people who want to cut down on the amount of soda they drink. You could set the goal of reducing your soda intake by replacing 1 soda a day with a glass of water. Once you are used to that; then you could up it to replacing 2 sodas a day.

Are you wondering if I have set any goals? So far only one...
I love to read.

I love that bookmark and it fits me so well!!
However for the past year I have read (blogs, news articles that lead to another article and so on), but not the books that I keep buying (35 unread books so far)!! So, my one goal as of now (you don't only have to set goals at the beginning of the year ya know!) is to read 1 hour every Sunday night before bed. Great small goal, huh?

a few in here have already been read, but there are still more that have not!

What about you? Does this technique of setting small goals seem like it would work for you?

Happy New Year!!

(p.s. part 2 coming soon)